Our creative director is one of Norway’s most internationally awarded filmmaker.  PFX produce commercial films for multinational corporations and public organisations. In all our productions we pride ourselves in customizing communication through heartfelt storytelling, engaging human connection through cinematic narratives.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is emerging as one of the most interesting media platforms.  By simulating physical presence in digitally designed environments, we take “seeing is believing” to the next level. As in all our productions cinematic storytelling, interaction, the highest standards of creativity, integrity and quality is employed.

Interactive Showroom

Our newest product is a concept where we build interactive showrooms designed to engage all senses. Through projecting panoramic visual content on a 200 degrees screen, and by exploring interactive UI and game theory we showcase our clients products through a combination of digital and tactile elements. A true immersive arena. 

Augmented Reality

Our research and development work have led to the creation of several acclaimed Augmented Reality apps, for some of the most visible brands in Norway including dairy producer Tine, Viking Shoes, Aftenposten and DNB, the largest financial services group in Norway.


We produce photorealistic property and architectural visualizations, ranging from illustrating simple interiors to complex visualizations of some of the largest land based projects in Norway.

Architectural Films

Combining photorealistic renderings, a keen knowledge of architecture and engaging narratives, our architectural films bring unbuilt architecture to life.