I am the least technically minded person on the planet. Really, I struggle to turn on my iPhone let alone figure out how Snapchat works. I prefer to be offline, much to the exasperation of my producers and coordinators. And to my mum. In blissful solitude I roam dusky woods and salty shorelines or plunge into the freezing lakes of Nordmarka.  Alone. If not wandering about, I love to sit quietly in a café listening to people talking, catching fragments of stories. I imagine who they are, where they have been in life or whom they will bee when they grow old. I love listening, observing or just being in nature, because it puts me in a state of deep silence and inner wakefulness. If I had my way, mail would still be sent by pigeon.  Every word carefully written, given the quality of time and sustained intent. Preferably communicated in highminded romantic poetry or haiku. I tried explaining this to the tax authorities, a kind request not even dignified by a response.

You see, I need to withdraw from stimuli to be creative and as a result I do most of my writing at night. In the muffled darkness of a world fast asleep, I may think really slow and uninterrupted thoughts. Enveloped by the sound of sleeping children and an occasional car outside, I connect the dots of my never ending research and the little alchemist deep in my brain transforms impressions, facts and figures into new images and narratives.

Given this analogous disposition, one might wonder why all my films involve complex CGI and VFX? Why do I always push the boundaries of what can be done technically here at PFX? Why do I obsess about creating immersive 3D design for stereoscopic virtual reality with the highest cinematic visual quality, imbued with live action characters, enhanced by ambisonic sound systems and designed with intuitive interaction systems. I’m hard pressed to answer, but I do. I obsess.

To cope with the constant onslaught of impressions, our mind has to interpret and prioritize all incoming information and create meaning by placing it into a narrative we can understand. The matrix of this narrative is formed by our innate psychological set point and life experiences.  A real life experience can never be reduced to a single image, a film, a book or a Virtual Reality experience.  You see, Virtual Reality is just that… Virtual.

Would you like to experience VR right now? OK, close your eyes and imagine a gorgeous beach. Hear the sound of the waves, smell the salty air and breathe it inn deeply. Take time to observe and feel the sensuous details. If you are still reading, stop.  Close your eyes and go to the beach…

Ahhh you just created an autonomous VR experience.  You are present, you are the observer, and you direct the gaze at your own will. In a virtual world I can invite you in to a similarly enhance reality, by choosing every input in a fully immersive interactive experience. It’s a world into it self, a meta-dream that can be shared with other people.

I would never ever, presume to replace the experience of material reality with my films, written stories or VR experiences.  Replicating real life experiences is futile. I’m interested in communicating the essence of a given moment or a vision. I’m an essentialist… That’s it.

All things created in nature find its reason for being in nature, of which we are a part. But all things created by humans finds its reason for being in humans and this is where things get tricky. How do we distil the essence from the noise and thus heightening our presence? PFXs mission is to help people make sense of complex ideas and information through a clear and coherent vision.  We aim to share an experience that holds both clarity and complexity and we bid people into active communication, rather than mindless and passive consumption of facts and entertainment.

I think of my work as a reversed prism. A prism breaks beams of white light into multiple spectral colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. White light breaks into these colors because light travels in different wavelengths, this create the visible spectrum.

Our job is to collect as much information as possible about our customers project and distil it into one cohesive audio-visual narrative.  By allowing people to follow the light and explore each colour as they please, the viewer is active in choosing their own thread of information radiating through our prism.

Ten people looking at the same lake might see ten different lakes, depending on the prism of their mind and our conditioning circumstances. We are each and every one of us our own prisms of the universe and we become ourselves through the prism of others. In the same way, all communication on all platforms is reflected through a prism of a curated reality.

Interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality can at best allow you to seek beyond surface and enter deeper layers of first person experience. We specialize in giving people vivid lifelike immersive films in VR depicting architecture and city plans yet to be built.  In principle all complex information could be filtered through the prism of this technology.

Virtual Reality is opening a new platform for us to experience and understand the infinite field of possibilities as manifested in people’s wild and magical ideas. Adding a real life experience of what is only an idea, an ephemeral philosophy or a dream. I like dreams; the unbound immersion into surreal new realities, coming into focus at night as the world slows down and the adventure begins.