What is your story about yourself?

It is precisely the language and the ability to tell each other stories that define us as a species. We structure all the information we receive into a narrative that makes the world comprehensible to us. Just as we have biological instinct to learn language, we have a biologically determined instinct to understand and tell stories. That’s how we can imagine clearly things that have happened in the past or that is to come. It is a uniquely human trait. Lucky us.

Each culture is carried forward by stories that explain how the world works and what values we are navigating by. The human mind is a history processor and the way we tell stories gives us our emotional grammar.

Here at the PFX we live to tell stories. With movies, 3D visualizations, animations, interactive design, virtual reality, augumented reality ... Or whatever ... It is the story that is the driver. We have something to tell you.

This week was marked by the finishing of a major project for real estate developer OSU. It was the sales kick off for Eufemias Hage in Bjørvika, Oslo. We had the privilege to tell the story of this wonderful residential project, both in an interactive film for stereoscopic VR with live action entourage, for interactive digital exhibition and a classic film.  Everything is shown in a showroom in Barcode in Bjørvika and now you too can go and see the result in Dronning Eufemias gate 36.

We have learned so much of this process. We learned more about the incredible Bjørvika district and the exciting residential environment that is developing there and about the wonderful organization Norwegian Icons that are lifting Norwegian furniture design up and forward. We learned about the unique vision of the architect and about the passion that drives the developers at OSU in creating this new residential project in the heart of Oslo.

It was particularly inspiring to work with Stargate Media during the recording of the film for Virtual Reality. It is always great fun to meet creatives with the same passion for this magical new format - Virtual Reality - that we have. As always our ambitions were soaring and for the past two weeks we’ve been working late into the night every day! We were all so tired that we almost felt intoxicated by exhaustion.

... Completely hammered to be more precise.

So today, hung over from our efforts, we debriefed what we have learned from this story? The answer is:  Not much. 

Our ambitions are still sky high, we will continue to challenge and explore the technical and narrative possibilities in the fine art of storytelling in any format. And we already ponder our next great project. The next is always the greatest ... It will be a good story to tell ... Stay tuned.